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2018 Review

1. Mission to Kenya and Uganda

2. Mentored / tutored refugee young adults!

3. Many conversations of life and faith!

4. Helped send two former refugees to South Sudan on mission.

5. Built (funded) homes for staff at an orphanage for refugee children in Uganda.

6. The Refuge invested over $17,000 in former refugees doing missions in

Africa this year.

7. Sent 9 young people to Worldview Leadership Academy where they learned

how to think about and share their faith!

8. Sent 2 young men to Camp Westminster where seeds of faith were planted.

9. Both Worldview Academy and Camp Westminster want us to send even

more teens in 2019!

10. Discipled young refugee men who are sharing their faith on their college


11. Assisted refugee ministry at local churches.

12. God’s continued provision! God is providing for us to do more in 2019!

2019 Goals

1. Missions to Uganda and South Sudan. God keeps putting these nations on

our hearts and opening doors for us to minister there. We are developing

key relationships with a couple churches and a training program for pastors.

2. Twenty young people involved in leadership development and discipleship.

3. Continued support of the orphanage for refugee children in Uganda.

4.Continued weekly mentoring of young refugees interested in discipleship and missions.