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Family Focus – More than a Touch

Scott has been involved in running a summer camp for many years.   We had the same kids all summer for eight weeks.  We loved on the kids, counseled the kids and taught the kids.  The short-term impact was tremendous.  But after many years of doing camp, one inevitable thing happens when camp was over – the kids go home.   Some went back home to parents who were loving, caring and engaged.  Many went home to parents who were not.   And all the kids went home to a community with poverty, high crime, gang culture, under-supported teachers and schools.

After running summer camp and after-school tutoring for several years, we were still seeing kids down the road end up as teen mothers, in prison, in gangs, dropping out of school and in trouble.   The greatest impact we have had in our ministry is among those where we touched the lives of families or became like surrogate parents to kids.   Among the kids that we “adopted” several years ago, eight of them have professed Christ in the past two years!  They are all growing in their faith through Bible studies among their peers.  Yes, we still have parents who are not engaged in the kids’ lives, but it seems the kids are on a good path.  It has made us realize we need to focus more on families – and deeper with the kids.   Hence the need for a more family focused ministry where we help kids and their families in every area of their life, not just over the summer or for homework help.     Our mission is families experiencing abundant life in a growing relationship with Jesus.  This is why we do what we do.