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Mission To Africa

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Med Outreach

Praying for healing after visiting the clinic.

During our Mission to Africa I enjoyed the presence of the Father, God’s protection and provision, the good team we were on, and the opportunities to serve and share… We met up with the MED Reach Medical Team in a remote village in Northwest Uganda. While the medical team assisted 1,565 patients, we worshiped, shared the Gospel, and prayed for 1,136 people. Of those, 149 people made a profession of faith! We enjoyed allowing God to work through us.

Refugee Orphanage

Never had I felt such hopelessness as I

did in the refugee camp. Refugees are stuck. Their movements and activities are limited by the United Nations and the country they are in. The refugees can’t return home, they can’t move forward. They wait to go back to their home or to a new country. The camp we went to was inhabited by the South Sudanese refugees on the Northern Uganda border. It took us a total of 10 hours from the capital city in the south to drive to the camp. Sometimes the road was hardly recognizable. There were no fences around the camp as I had envisioned. The isolation of the camp was the "fence". The camp was hot and dusty. Food is rationed and poverty is rampant. Work is limited to surviving. My heart broke for them.

It was only the 2nd time Abraham had seen his mom since he left as a refugee when he was 6 years old. The last time was over 10 years ago. It was apparent that those we saw in the camp put on their best and “fixed-up” the place. I asked his family how they “painted” their homes – pretty much the only homes that I saw that looked painted. They said they crushed bricks and charcoal and rubbed them on the side of the huts to create the color. It must have taken days to do this. I felt honored; though I wondered if it would wash off in the rainy season.

Initially, we had no plans to see an orphanage for refugee children, but God connected us with an opportunity. We spent a little time at an orphanage for South Sudanese orphans. This was both sweet and heartbreaking. The orphanage has 85 children and currently at maxed capacity. We were able to encourage them and pray for them. There is also a church that meets at the orphanage in which I had the opportunity to give the Sunday morning sermon. I shared on joy. The joy and faith of the children encouraged me. I believe that God connected us to this opportunity for a reason. We will continue to explore opportunities for partnership between the orphanage, the refugees in Northern Uganda, and The Refuge. If you are interested in helping us support the orphanage, please Contact Us.

How God Led Me Through My Fears

Through a friend I was encouraged to read Psalm 91 every day on this trip. I spent a lot of time on the trip journaling, praying, and seeking the Father. God heard and blessed. At several spots on the journey, I was able to encourage others with Psalm 91, including in the refugee camp. Abraham and I prayed for, encouraged, and blessed them. After we read Psalm 91, they repeatedly expressed how it had encouraged them as they were struggling to find hope. I greatly admired the faith they had in the situation they were in.