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Ladies Retreat

The Ladies Retreat went well in February. Prayers were blessed! A big thanks to North Georgia Christian Camp, Clarkston International Bible Church, Friends of Refugees and our supporters for helping The Refuge make the Ladies’ Retreat happen!!

The lady leader for the retreat wrote:  “We really had a blast. Thank you for making the retreat happen! The girls had so much fun (most of them haven’t done something like that before) and we hit all the things we had hoped we’d be able to talk about. I’m excited for what God is doing in the hearts of the girls and for an opportunity to spend time talking about our identity in Christ and how that plays into being women. We have a lot of good stuff to build on as we look forward. It was sweet to see Sunny share during our Q&A time from a place of maturity and wisdom regarding a couple of different topics we discussed…she has grown so much since I’ve known her. Her leadership and commitment to Christ is evident in how she talks about her relationship with Jesus. The others were delightful as well.” (You may remember Sunny went on the mission trip to Africa with us.) 

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