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Tanzania Report

We are back from Africa!  The two weeks we were in Tanzania went by fast.  We were in one remote village for one week and then moved to another remote village for the next week.  Every day brought God stories.  Every day God did something to bless, encourage, love or heal.  It was awesome to see Him work.

Our team had 26 Americans and approximately the same number of Africans.  Our team of Americans ran a clinic and pastor’s conference and helped the Africans with the Jesus Film ministry and the kids ministry.   The Americans included 4 doctors and an American nurse.  The Africans included one doctor, many translators, and a few national pastors.   Several other Africans helped with camp logistics and security.   One praise was that our team worked very well together.   Everyone got along in a spirit of love and grace and communicated well.  As a result, much was accomplished for God’s glory!

Abby and Sunny

This was a great experience for Abby and Sunny.  Abby and Sunny helped in the clinic every day in both villages.  The doctors took the time to carefully explain and show Abby and Sunny how they were treating the patients.  On one occasion, the doctor was stitching up a patient with a machete wound on his arm.   It got to be too much for Sunny and she passed out.  The doctor was very gracious and said that she has seen many in training for their medical career pass out, including herself.  Both girls were very helpful in processing and treating patients.   They prayed over many patients as well as they interacted with them.  As a result, over 1,500 patients were treated! The girls will be sending out their own updates soon.

God Saves and Heals

I spoke in the pastor’s conference in each village, shared about Jesus and the assurance of salvation at the Jesus Film showings, prayed for villagers, and shared the Gospel several times to groups of people waiting to see the doctor.   These opportunities were tremendous privileges that produced positive responses.  But a highlight of my time in African was when people were healed of their sickness, including deafness!  During my many years in ministry, I have seen many people healed over time and many lives changed over time, but I had never personally witnessed an instantaneous, miraculous healing.  But it has never stopped me from praying for people and seeing God work.  But on this trip, God worked quickly.  For many of our days in Africa, an African and I prayed over those waiting in line for the clinic.   (While I had only one prayer partner at a time, over the two weeks, four different Africans were prayer partners, two from our team and one from each village.  God’s provision of those prayer partners are God stories for another time).

The prayer partner and I would go down the line at the clinic and individually pray for people and their concern.  Over the two weeks, I had the privilege of praying for about 300 people.   One day, the African prayer partner that God provided for that day and I prayed over a 12 year old girl who was partially deaf.   And she was healed!!  After testifying to her healing, she ran off without going into the clinic.  I asked the translator where she was going.  The translator said she was so excited she ran to tell someone.

The next day, a different African prayer partner and I started talking to a woman who did not respond.  Those sitting next to her said she was deaf.  My prayer partner tested it and went right up to her ear and said something loudly.  I thought it was rude, but it confirmed she was deaf.  So we prayed over the woman and she began to hear!  We started to celebrate when I asked my partner to ask her, “Can you hear a little or a lot?”  She said she could hear a little.  So I said, “Let’s pray again.”  We prayed over the woman again and God opened her ears even more!  My partner was just as shocked and excited as I was.  Just as he tested her deafness, he tested her hearing.  He would say something, confirmed she heard and backed away.  He repeated this process several times until he had backed away about five or six feet and confirmed she could hear him!  It was amazing!  We testified to God’s goodness.  At other times, we saw people get healed of other sicknesses.

Healing did not happen absent of His Word.  The Gospel was shared with everyone who came to the clinic, including those who were healed.   God’s healing was a testimony of His love and grace and power in the lives of those He touched.  Many placed their faith in Jesus; local pastors will continue to reach out to them.     Healing also did not happen absent of prayer.  Much prayer was put into this mission both before and during the trip.  We appreciate all those who prayed with us and for us!

My faith was bolstered by this trip.  Seeing God heal and change lives was a tremendous encouragement to me.  The girl’s lives too were changed by this trip.  They had new experiences that taught them much about loving and serving others.

We greatly appreciate all the love, prayers and support of this trip.  It was a trip that brought glory to God.

Love in Christ,


In the interest of preventing an even longer update, I’ll try to send or post shorter updates.  You can see post and photos on my Facebook page –  The girls will be sending out their own updates soon.