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Updated: Dec 20, 2018

We went to Uganda in January and February. If you missed the update, go to the news page on our website. We clearly sensed God’s leading to go to Uganda. And God worked! Not only did God provide life change and healing, but God provided a vision to reach refugees in other countries!

While in Uganda, Scott and Abraham, the South Sudanese who went with Scott, spent some time in a refugee camp. While there, God connected them to an orphanage for South Sudanese refugee orphans. The pastor of the church at the orphanage showed Scott and Abraham the site where they were building homes for the orphanage staff. They were building the homes to minimize living expenses for the staff. None of the homes were completely built due to lack of resources.

After visiting the refugee camp, Scott and Abraham joined a medical team in northwest Uganda. One of the Ugandan pastors showed Scott a photo of the home he had been building for six years. The home was not completely built due to lack of resources.

God has laid on our hearts to help build homes for pastors working among refugees in other countries. This is a particularly crucial time for this initiative as refugee resettlement slows in America and as the Congolese and South Sudanese crises continue and as drought, high unemployment, and poverty continues in East Africa. Pastors in East Africa are not only the leaders for the Gospel in their community but also the person to go to for help with practical needs. Pastors provide safe havens. All the pastors we met in Uganda were bi-vocational. They had one or two jobs or businesses to help support their families. We were amazed at all the pastors did for their families and communities. So, we are going to be working with local organizations in Uganda to help complete homes for pastors and orphanage staff working with refugees!

Your continued support of The Refuge will help us with this important initiative! Thank you!

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