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March 2022 Update

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Thank you for praying for Scott and Tiffany and The Refuge

Every Thursday - Tutoring & Mentoring

March 17 – 20 - Scott is one of the speakers at a men’s retreat

April 3-5 - High School Leadership Retreat

June 1 – June 3 - Summer Staff Orientation

June 6 - Camp Encounter Begins!

June 6 – June 25 - Summer Camp & Outreach

June 25 – July 1 - Worldview Leadership Camp TBD

July 4 – July 22 - Summer Camp & Outreach

July 26 – July 28 - Summer Staff Debrief

Between now and Camp Encounter, we continue to look for staff and funding for summer camp! God always does something amazing at summer camp, but it does take people and money.

People: Know anyone who would be great working at summer camp? A college student? A friend available to volunteer? A teacher who is off for the summer? Please get them in touch. Also check out the intern description on our blog:

Support: The students in our community, most of whom are refugee background, pay very little or nothing to attend Camp Encounter and Worldview Leadership Camp. We trust God will provide as people respond with trust and joy at His leading. Please respond to God’s leading and please point givers (such as your church or small group) to his website.

Thank you!

Please pray we would have wisdom as we continue the ministry and prepare for Camp Encounter. Please pray for people and support. God is at work! We look forward to what He will continue to do to make His name known!

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