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Checks Made Payable to The Refuge

PO Box 178

Waleska, GA 30183


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Set up a recurring bill pay through your bank payable to The Refuge.  "The Refuge" as the account number.  

Most donors chose this option because it is set up by you through your own bank.  

Donate stock through National Christian Foundation

Complete and submit this form:

The form has a line that says: NCF Giving Fund Number. That number is #2082290. The Giving Fund Name is The Refuge.


Refugee Missionary

"We could not have completed our mission without the prayers and support from The Refuge."

Ministry Partner

"This is a vital ministry and of high importance demonstrating a Godly lifestyle to those who yearn to hear about and learn about Jesus Christ."

Former Refugee

"The Refuge has helped guide me into being a servant and a son of God.  It has impacted me by connecting my faith into my everyday life and helping me seek refuge in God in a hectic world."

The Refuge

People experience abundant life in relationship with God and others.  Just the way it is.  So get in touch. 


The Refuge is a registered 501c3 non-profit.  

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