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The Refuge Update

Here is a recap of our year so far.

We continue to love and serve in our communities. It is difficult to be loving and keep distant. It goes against the fabric of our hearts.

We have been doing discipleship through Zoom. It has reduced travel time and increased attendance, benefits we like, but we prefer face to face, life on life relationships. We have been studying Experiencing God.

We keep mentoring and developing relationships with those we love.

God provided funds for a new ministry van! For the past 10 years, one of the best ways we have discipled youth and young adults is through trips. Trips get students out of their everyday life and into God’s presence, the Word, and ministry opportunities. Since COVID brings uncertainty, we are planning more Stateside trips.

Please continue to help us make the most of the van by supporting trips. Please click the donate button.

We greatly appreciate our ministry partners!

The Refuge supports an orphanage for refugee children in Uganda.The director of the orphanage has been stuck there since March due to COVID. The Uganda borders remained closed and the needs of the orphanage are becoming urgent. Please help if God puts it on your heart to do so.

As we continue to move forward in ministry, we have been filling in the gaps at the leading of the Spirit with prayer ministry, marriage ministry, and local ministry.

We Love You!

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