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Stuck in Uganda

Updated: May 26, 2020

The director of the refugee orphanage in Uganda that The Refuge is a part of is stuck there due to COVID.

The Refuge has three priorities to accomplish our mission to help families experience an abundant life in a growing relationship with Jesus: Mentoring youth and young adults, sending former refugees on mission, and supporting refugee ministry overseas.

The refugee ministry that The Refuge currently supports overseas is an orphanage for South Sudanese refugee children in northern Uganda. The orphanage, Cornerstone Children’s Home, houses, educates, and cares for seventy-five refugee children.

In February, one of the church leaders who oversees the ministry at the orphanage passed away from Hepatitis B. His name was John; he was 47 years old. Consequently, Samuel, the founder and director of the orphanage, who lives in the States, flew to Uganda to attend John’s funeral and oversee the transition of John’s responsibilities. (Samuel is a former refugee from South Sudan who lives in the States primarily to raise support for the orphanage. Samuel is a US citizen.) Not long after Samuel arrived, Uganda closed its borders to international travel due to COVID. So, Samuel is stuck in Uganda.

Samuel recently called us and asked for additional support due the unexpected expenses of being stuck in Uganda, the needs the orphanage, and the challenge of raising support. The challenge of raising support is two-fold: these are tough times and raising support from Africa is difficult.

We know these are demanding times with churches, ministries, relief organizations all needing support. But we will continue to support Samuel and the important ministry the orphanage is doing. If you can help, all support designated to Cornerstone Children’s Home will be given in that direction.

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Thank you for the love and support! Your prayers are appreciated too!

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